Dear Dr. Uittenbogaard,

Thank you again for your skilled and healing hands with my surgery.

I want to thank you for the time you took with my daughter, Jennifer. She said you sat patiently with her, being present, listening to her speak. You answered her questions and made her feel comfortable. (Isn’t she beautiful? And she is beautiful both inside and out!)

I am grateful to you for all your help to me.

Thank you,
Patricia Y.

Patricia Y.
Dr Uittenbogaard,

I have meant to send this email for months but today it seems rather fitting that I finally get it done. In February you performed surgery on my neck, fusing C6 and C7. You knew that I was a runner but stressed that I needed to make sure that I didn’t rush things and give my body time to heal.

I was given the OK to run on May 2, and ran a half marathon on May 11. (Not close to my personal best, but hey, I ran!) My summer was pain free and my training went very well.

Yesterday in the Twin Cities Marathon I set a personal record and finally qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and helping me get back to something I love.

Best wishes,
Cynthia S.

Cynthia S.
This is a big “Thank you!” for taking such good care of our Dad. It was a very scary situation but we all had every confidence in your ability to fix the problem.

If anyone ever has a need for you expertise we will not hesitate to recommend you and Northwest Abbot Hospital.

The Family of Lyle H.

Family of Lyle H.

Billboard-for-Dr-RoachA very grateful family of one of Dr. Roach’s patients wanted to thank him and North Memorial.  In a grand gesture, the family placed a billboard on I-94 and Broadway Avenue the week of October 6th.  We, at Metropolitan Neurosurgery, are proud of Dr. Roach and all his accomplishments.  We couldn’t have said it better.  Please also check out North Memorial’s Facebook page regarding this billboard and see many more testimonials to Dr Roach and North Memorial.