Metropolitan Neurosurgery

With a record of excellence in neurosurgical care since its founding in 1980, Metropolitan Neurosurgery upholds a standard of compassion and quality that makes it stand out among Twin Cities medical groups. We have seven community clinics in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and our neurosurgeons are committed to their patients, serving on the medical staffs of three local hospitals, where they also provide emergency neurosurgical trauma care. Our doctors also conduct research and participate in conferences on neurosurgery.

Metropolitan Neurosurgery has four experienced neurosurgeons, all with numerous specializations in spinal (back and neck) and cranial (skull and brain) procedures. Our five advanced neurosurgical Physician Assistants have worked alongside neurosurgeons throughout their postgraduate education, conduct their diagnosis work and post-operative visits under the mentoring and oversight of our neurosurgeons, and are integral to the clinical and hospital care we offer. Our neurosurgeons and their Physician Assistants are known for their attentiveness and compassion, helping our patients understand, address, and improve spinal and cranial health.

Metropolitan Neurosurgery remains one of the few independent neurosurgical groups in Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. It is that independence and entrepreneurial spirit that has transformed us into a cohesive group of practitioners with similar philosophies and commitment to our patients and the communities we serve. Because we are physician-owned, we are able to react quickly to new technologies, surgical techniques, and best-practice models. Our commitment to each other—doctors, physician assistants, and staff—translates into a commitment to you—our patient—enabling us to serve with caring and experience to help you achieve the best possible neurological health.

Among the numerous recognitions that our neurosurgeons have earned, we are especially proud of our consistent appearance on the Mpls.St.Paul Magazine “Top Doctors” list. This honor is accorded only to the top 15% of local physicians and is determined by peer review, meaning our neurosurgeons are the ones that other doctors would choose for procedures involving the brain, spine and spinal cord.